Certified by Ecocert & USDA
No added chemicals
No artificial additives
Ammonia free
100% herbal ingredients
Protects and nourishes hair
Restores natural shine
Lasts up to 4 weeks
Blends away greys
Suitable for home application

Each single product box contains:
1 x 100gm bag of hair dye powder
1 x application brush
1 x plastic shower cap
1 x plastic gloves
1 x instruction sheet

Radico Colour Me Organic is available in a variety of colours, they are as listed below:

Soft Black
Dark Brown
Copper Brown
Golden Brown
Auburn Red
Wine Red
Strawberry Blonde


Short 20g - 30g
Shoulder 40g - 60g
Long 70g - 100g

Add warm water to Organic Hair Colour in 1:3 ratio (1 part hair colour, 3 part water). Paste should be consistent, not too thick or thin
Starting at the roots, apply paste to hair. Grey hair may require a heavier application of paste. Once hair is covered evenly, use the shower cap provided to cover hair.

Hair colour is to remain on for 45 minutes. If a darker colour is desired leave the dye on for an extra 10 – 15 minutes. Heat can be applied with a hair dryer during the wait time to intensify results.

After wait time, rinse hair with running water until it runs clean. No shampoo is required.



“As well as getting an uplifting new colour, my hair was silky smooth after using Radico Colour Me hair dye”
– Jessica Flintoff, July 2013